Space Clearing

  • Do you own a bar, public space, or have a home, that has energy problems?
  • Do you know something is ‘off’ with your space but can’t put your finger on it?
  • Maybe you know the property is haunted and you’ve had trouble being able to ‘clear’ the space of your uninvited guests?
  • How would you know if your place had energy problems and what work would you need to get it fixed?

Here is a quick run-through of questions to ask yourself if you think your space might need help, how to know if you have a problem, what space clearing is, how it helps both the living and the dead and helps you to have a happier, healthier home environment, or a more comfortable, profitable place of business.

Do you have any Issues with the Space or do you Just Need a Basic Cleanse?

A basic cleanse is good for moving into a new place, clearing out old energy, inviting in guiding and protective spirits to bless the place and align everything up.  It brings continuity, synchronicity, a sense of things being ‘right time, right place’ and flow or harmony. It’s very simple and takes about 3 hours.  If things feel ‘off’, the client may need personal work done on them too. If it’s a simple, straightforward job that personal work sometimes can be included in the 3 hours.  Some basic energy recommendations might be made as well, for the client to consider (such as introducing, moving or removing some items).

Issues to Look for When you have Energetic Problems:

If there is phenomenon going on there (objects moving, noises, smells, feeling of being ‘watched’, sensing spirits, moving shadows, etc.) then that’s simple too and takes about 3 hours for a regular place.  A public space that’s very energetically problematic might need two or more sessions, depending on how dense the problem has become.  Again, each session is 3 hours.

A place that has geological faults under the building, such as energy vortexes, or where there has previously been a very bad tragedy (a fire, for example) or great loss of human life on the footprint of the building (like a hospital) gets slightly more complicated as you’ve to work with the energy of the land in that place to move the vortex, psychopomp all the beings (get the dead into the Light) and reintegrate the energy flow into the space in the torus shape and that can take a bit more work. Usually sessions take about 6 hours.  If it’s heavily inhabited, a second session might be needed with check-ups later.

What is Space Clearing?

Space clearing simply removes memories, echoes, traces, imprints and beings from buildings or spaces and clears them.  This is particularly effective in buildings where historically a great amount of energy has gathered, such as in bars or busy public buildings.  Older buildings usually have a heavier build-up than do newer buildings, although the land itself may also have had problematic energy in it before the building was built, which can cause problems.

What Causes Energetic Problems in Buildings and on the Land?

Energy vortexes, worm holes and naturally occurring geographical fault lines or fractures under the building can be openings for energy coming from other places into the area where the build-up has occurred.  Areas of great human devastation (such as a battle field), or a building where people once lived in great suffering or who had emotional problems with ‘letting go’ and moving on (such as a brothel, or a site where slaves were kept), can all cause problems.  Places where many humans and animals have died can cause great energetic disturbance (such as hospitals and abattoirs) as the spirits of those who died can get stuck having experienced a ‘difficult death’.  Areas known as power sites and sacred sites, where there was environmental disregard (such as where building or quarrying occurs), without reference to, and respect for, the land and the spirit of that place, can suffer energetic imbalance and misfortune.

Why Do Some Spirits Get Stuck Here After they Die?

A spirit who was confused at the time of death, or who died suddenly, may not know that they are dead and may still feel confused and not know how to go into the Light.  Alternatively, they may not know they are dead and may feel irritated that ‘new’ people have moved in and are living in ‘their’ space.  Other problems can occur when people attached to, or living in, a building die before having a chance to finish something they wanted to finish.  Revenge, anger, extreme loss, personal suffering, concern for another person, particular emotional attachment to a building or object, can all cause a place to be haunted.

What Happens When Spirits Get Stuck or Energetic Faults Occur?

A combination of all of these issues can cause a build-up of beings, creating phenomenon to occur, such as smells, moving objects, voices, noises, etc., in the building. Other less fearful, but equally as problematic, side-effects of having haunted a building or space can be problems with electrical faults, gas leaks, problems with water pipes, a sense of uneasiness or fear in particular areas of the building, cold areas, etc.  The most common features in public buildings of a heavily haunted presence are dwindling profits due to a lack of people wanting to go into or near the premises. Other problems can be with running the administration side of the business; constant paperwork problems, unrelated obstacles coming ‘from all angles’ hampering a smooth running of the business (applications for planning permission, renewing licenses, etc.).