Treatments Available – Individuals

The following services are available:

  • Emotional energy clearing (healing the past)
  • Compassionate Depossession (removing beings from the body)
  • Soul Retrieval (restoring lost soul essence)
  • Extraction (removing energy blocks)
  • Psychopomp (helping the dead into the Light)
  • Mediumship (talking to the dead, to help them move on)
  • Space Clearing (removing beings/imprints from buildings – clearing hauntings)
  • Medical Intuitive Readings and Spiritual Guidance

I treat deeply embedded emotional wounds, possession, addictions, depression, curses and sorcery, ancestral and archetypal wounds, and soul loss.  I’m an energy healer, with medical intuitive and medium abilities and shamanic practitioner training.  I work with the angelic realm for channeling and I do a lot of psychopomp work, which simply means that I help the dead to go into the Light.  Sometimes the dead are attached to us, sometimes inside us or inside our homes, but always they have a story for why they are there – sometimes they are ancestors or recent family members who have passed on, or have attachments to the place they are in, etc. – and I see and communicate with them and work with my own spirit helpers, to help them to move on.  All of the above issues create energy imbalances or energy leaks, which is treated with spiritual energy healing.

What is Spiritual Energy Healing?

Spiritual energy healing has a similar outcome to that of psychotherapy in that it clears emotional trauma from the past, except psychotherapy is very, very slow, it re-traumatizes the client and it doesn’t clear any energy other than emotional wounds.  Spiritual energy healing clears trauma and wounds from the past using energy-based methods that are extremely fast (and take just one-tenth of the time of psychotherapy) and won’t re-traumatize you, but it also, crucially, clears energy in your system that is ‘not yours’.  This ‘not yours’ energy includes: suffering beings (spirits) attached to or inside you, curses (e.g.; from a bully from childhood), voices that were in someone else’s head before they were in your head (e.g.; from a perfectionist parent), environmental energies (e.g.; other people’s anger), archetypal wounds (e.g.; slavery, famine, holocaust) and ancestral/family wounds (issues never processed down the family tree stay for many generations until they’re cleared).  Shamanic techniques used in this work also bring back and re-install missing soul parts, that is, essence lost at the moment of trauma (Soul Retrieval).

Once the emotional blocks, suffering beings and energy imprints are removed from the etheric body, your energy increases and your awakening becomes more clear.  Removing the energy ‘density’ from the energy system is like wiping the mud off the windscreen; you get to see where you are and where you’re going.  You get direction and focus.   To facilitate that, the spirit helpers who work with us also give specific, tailored guidance that elevates your consciousness and spells out how to achieve your full potential – that is, how to fulfill the Soul Contract that you made before you were born.  Doing this brings pure purpose and from that arises true inner joy.

Spiritual energy healing is the cutting edge of healing and is a very fast,  potent method, available for people looking for relief (from all forms of trauma and energy-based suffering) and for spiritual guidance and illumination.

To ask yourself if this treatment is right for you, ask yourself first: ‘What do I feel caused the issue?  Can I put my finger on when and why the imbalances occurred?’  This will go some way to discerning what the problem is and how to fix it.  Remember that the issue you’re having may have been a long-standing emotional trauma or wound, trapped for years that only came to the surface when it felt safe to do so.   If the energy is not an emotional wound of yours, you may have picked up energies that are ‘not yours’.  Processing these is hard when we don’t own the original wound to which we can to attribute the pain and suffering – we usually don’t know why we feel bad, we just feel bad, as if we were carrying somebody else’s pain, which is exactly the case.  If you don’t know which of the above you can point to in your own case, don’t worry as when you come in, I’ll see it in you and we can work together on clearing it.

The main purpose of this work is spiritual development.  Clearing emotional trauma and low-frequency energy from the system is just a happy consequence of the work. Clearing the past, restoring missing soul essence, cutting cords and removing energy in the system that is not yours, raises your energy frequency, which brings true fulfillment and contentment.

To achieve that joy, we pinpoint your current level of spiritual development and awareness (point A), see your spiritual potential (point B), and clear the blocks that are preventing you from getting from point A to point B. Clients are given a clear guidance into who they are, where they are coming from, and more importantly, where they are destined to be and how to get there.

The aim of each session is to bring the client to the farthest point in their capacity in allowing the healing to be done, reducing the number of sessions to as few as possible, and to allow the highest frequency of energies to be absorbed.  As such, many clients will notice a significant shift after each session.

Each session draws in whatever treatment is needed and sessions can take place remotely or in person and on Skype or by phone.  The treatments available are listed below.

Emotional Energy Clearing: Healing the Past

Emotional wounds are trapped in the energy system, emanating their frequency, repeating patterns in your life and causing grief, sadness and pain. We remove wounds unconsciously through ‘repetition wounds’ (creating the same problem in our relationships over and over again) and this process is very slow and traumatic.  Instead, a faster and easier way to remove them is to address the original wound itself.  Once the original wound is cleared, all other repetition wounds immediately dissolve.
Removing original wounds in the energy system happens by identifying the issue, tracking it in the body, feeling the energy of it, communicating with the wound directly and having it come forward as an ‘energy form’ to tell it’s story and relay it’s fears.  The adult aspect of the client is disentangled from the wound and talks to and nurtures that wound/energy form, as a loving parent would nurture a wounded child.  This serves two purposes. Firstly, it heals the child within, giving it the safety and love it long craved, and dissolves the wound.  Love heals all.  Secondly, the disentanglement of the adult from the wound helps the adult to see itself as separate from the younger self, to recognize that the voice of the wound is much younger than the adult aspect is today.  This helps the adult to recognize when the wound is activated, to spot ‘who’ is talking, and to talk directly and lovingly to it, preventing future episodes where the adult gets ‘triggered’ in situations and relationships.

Compassionate Depossession

Clearing suffering beings/spirits from the body is a very potent way to remove unwanted energies from the system that are causing great pain and suffering for both the host and the being.  Helping beings into the Light is a magnanimous and gracious act of love, for which the helping spirits and the beings themselves are very grateful.

Hosting beings may have originally been done to alleviate loneliness or sadness in the client, or because the client felt sorry for the suffering beings and had a predisposition to helping others.  Sometimes the beings arrive and move in because the client’s energy is ‘familiar’ to them because of a family connection.

Depossession is a compassionate and straight-forward process that helps both client and being to move on in their growth.

Soul Retrieval

Shamans believe that the cause of all illness is a loss of power.  One of the main causes of loss of power is loss of parts of one’s soul, through trauma, dis-ease, any kind of abuse, addictions, death of a loved one, any violent act or shock.  Acting against our own morals can also cause soul loss.  The soul is the essence of ourselves, our spirit or our vitality.

During the trauma, the soul peels parts of itself away and flees, to avoid being at the impact point of the pain. This is a healthy thing and is a survival mechanism encoded within us. Psychologists call this affect of trauma ‘disassociation’ but psychology doesn’t discuss what disassociates and doesn’t facilitate the retrieval of those parts of us back home.  In Shamanic cultures, people are aware that trauma causes soul loss and in the instance of a car crash, for example, they seek Soul Retrieval within three days of the accident, to restore the soul parts.  The soul parts move into non-ordinary reality (in old Druid Ireland, known as the Otherworld, in native American cultures known as the Upper, Lower and Middle Worlds).  Although soul loss is a wonderful way to help an individual to survive trauma, often the soul parts do not return on their own and it is the job of the Shaman to retrieve those soul parts from the spiritual realms and bring them home.

The effects of Soul Retrieval can be life-changing and often can heal in one two-hour session what psychotherapy has been unable to heal in over 10 years.  The reason for this is that the psychotherapist cannot heal what is not in the room and if parts of the soul are lost in the Otherworld, they are not present to be healed.  For some people, the effects of Soul Retrieval can be a feeling of being more grounded, of being more ‘here’, of being ‘all here’, of having parts of oneself returned and feeling more together.  For others, the effects can be subtle and they will feel ‘lighter’ and joyful.  For some, Soul Retrieval might trigger emotions that need to be worked through and for others a sense of numbness pervades their emotional bodies and more work is needed before a deeper sense of inspiration and integration is achieved.  These people usually do not have a great sense of being ‘present’ in their bodies and are easily distracted from the awareness that there is a need to change.  As we grow into a greater awareness of being present in our bodies, the distractions inhibiting awareness of the need to change diminish and healing is more profound and prompt.

After Soul Retrieval, it is up to the client to reintegrate the soul parts back into themselves through a healthy reappraisal of their lives.  Changing the way we live, to incorporate a healthy diet, healthy thought processes, developing a new dynamic and passion for life, helps us to thrive, not just survive.  New energy, returned through the soul parts, is now available to incorporate these new changes, creating a new opportunity to live a healthier life long after healing.

Energy Extractions

A key form of shamanic healing is extracting misplaced energy from the body.  Misplaced energy can come from a number of sources; thought forms, previously unresolved negative experiences of the client or blockages from emotional or physical dis-ease. Suffering soul loss after a trauma can also allow intrusions from misplaced energy as it can cause a hole in the energy body, which can become a comfortable home for a disincarnate beings/spirits looking for a home – an energy source to feed from.  Misplaced energy can feel like pain or a weight in the body, or can simply create a sluggish sense of limited vitality.

Removing misplaced energies, whether they are emotional trauma, thought forms, blocks or residual negativity from previous experiences, is a simple procedure that can bring instant relief for the client and that will free up channels to move energy along the meridians and through the chakras with ease, in much the same way as removing a blood clot would enable the blood to flow more freely through the veins bringing oxygen to the whole body.  Crystals, sage, a rattle, feather and other items may be used in the energy clearing.

With energy blockages and unresolved negativity in the energy body, unless the cause of the problem is permanently resolved, blockages could recur.  If the cause is psychological, releasing the blocks will help ‘lift’ the energy frequency of the client, which will inspire him or her to take a more ‘enlightened’ view of the issue, such as forgiveness, clarity of vision, removing oneself from unhealthy relationships and a willingness to take a generally more healthy approach to life.  With the energy blockages removed, ‘looped’ psychological thought patterns that can form addictive psychological behaviours and cause the client to feel ‘stuck’, are more easily released naturally after healing, contributing to heightened frequencies of thought and their feelings of well-being.


Transfiguration is the raising of the body’s frequency to its highest potential, which brings great healing through infusing powerful life-force essence into the client, also known as flooding the entire energy body with light.  This is done in the shaman tradition by metaphorically unzipping the physical body and removing it, leaving only the essence of the spirit pervading the space where healing is taking place.  While the healer transfigures in the company of the client, the client’s frequency is pulled up to the level of the shamanic practitioner, bringing healing in the gentlest of ways.

Psychopomp: Healing the Dead

Psychopomp is a Greek word that literally means ‘leader of souls’ and refers to the person who conducts souls after death into transcendent realities.

Ideally, when a person dies he or she transcends out of the earth realm into the upper transcendent realities, where they continue on with their spiritual journey.   However, often when a person dies, especially in the case of a sudden death, murder, suicide or delirium through starvation or drugs, that person may not know they are dead, or may stay in what is known in Shamanism as the Middle World – a hidden world within our own.  The job of the shamanic practitioner is to bring the dead soul into awareness that they have died, if necessary, and to guide them into the upper realms in safety.

Psychopomp work can include working with souls who are trapped in the Middle World and not know how to leave, but can also can work with souls who knowingly are here and do not wish to leave for any number of reasons.

Sometimes a client can be ‘corded’ energetically to a deceased person, adversely affecting the client by their grieving process feeling ‘stuck’.  Cutting the cord and assisting the deceased soul into transcendent reality will resolve the problem.


Mediumship involves talking to the dead to help them move on, calling spirits to a place to facilitate with a healing practice, calling the deceased relatives of a client who are stuck in the Middle World (this world) to a healing space to be helped to move on, etc.

It is a key part of the work of helping spirits into the Light who are haunting buildings, and in helping the deceased attached outside the body of the client, through a cord.  Sometimes the deceased is not attached or near the client at all, but is in the Middle World (here) or the Upper World (where they belong) and an emotional wound in the client requires a conversation with the deceased in order for their healing to occur, such as with grief that is ‘stuck’ and cannot move forward.  Often, hearing advice from a loved one who has passed on about how to proceed with life issues can be enough to help the client to find resolution with their problem and find peace.  Mediumship is only employed if it will help the deceased to move into the Light; it is not used in any way that will hold the deceased back in the Middle World.

Space Clearing

Space clearing simply removes beings and their energy/imprints from buildings or spaces, that is, it is clears haunted spaces.  This is particularly effective in buildings where many spirits gather, such as in bars or busy public buildings.  Older buildings usually have a heavier build-up of spirits than do newer buildings, although the land itself may have had beings living on it before the building was built, that can cause build-up.

Energy vortexes, worm holes and naturally occurring geographical fault lines or fractures under the building can be openings for spirits coming from other places into the area where the build-up has occurred.  Areas of great human devastation (such as a battle field), or a building where spirits once lived in great suffering or who have emotional problems with ‘letting go’ and moving on (such as a brothel, or site where slaves were kept), can all cause problems.  Places where many humans and animals have died can cause great energetic disturbance (such as hospitals and abattoirs) as the spirits of those who died can get stuck having experienced a ‘difficult death’.  Areas known as power sites and sacred sites, where there was environmental disregard (such as where building or quarrying occurs), without reference to, and respect for, the land spirits and the spirit of that place, can suffer energetic imbalance and misfortune.

A spirit who was confused at the time of death, or who died suddenly, may not know that they are dead and may still feel confused and not know how to go into the Light.  Alternatively, they may not know they are dead and may feel irritated that ‘new’ people have moved in and are living in ‘their’ space.  Other problems can occur when people attached to, or living in, a building die before having a chance to finish something they wanted to finish.  Revenge, anger, extreme loss, personal suffering, concern for another person, particular emotional attachment to a building or object, can all cause a place to be haunted.

A combination of all of these issues can cause a build-up of beings, creating phenomenon to occur, such as smells, moving objects, voices, noises, etc., in the building. Other less fearful, but equally as problematic, side-effects of having haunted a building or space can be problems with electrical faults, gas leaks, problems with water pipes, a sense of uneasiness or fear in particular areas of the building, cold areas, etc.  The most common features in public buildings of a heavily haunted presence are dwindling profits due to a lack of people wanting to go into or near the premises. Other problems can be with running the administration side of the business; constant paperwork problems, unrelated obstacles coming ‘from all angles’ hampering a smooth running of the business (applications for planning permission, renewing licenses, etc.).

Spirits need life-force to maintain themselves or they will disintegrate and become less aware of who they are, where they are, etc., just carrying the strong emotion that kept them trapped in the first place.   Spirits will feed off life-force created by the regular day-to-day activities of people in busy buildings, such as bars, hotels and hospitals. If this life-force is not available, eventually, over many years, a spirit that has not had enough life-force to sustain it, will turn from a ‘ghost’ (with many human features, such as recognizable clothing from a particular era, an apparent ability to ‘walk’ around, speak, have distinguishable facial features, etc.) into a ‘specter’, which is a spirit that has lost its more human attributes and has the appearance of being akin to what we thought of as ghosts as children – a white sheet hovering without feet touching the ground.  Specters are usually more difficult to clear because they have less knowledge about who they are, why they are there, are often more desperate and emotional (usually fear-driven), and therefore less easy to reason with and encourage to leave.  Therefore, premises  occupied constantly will more likely have ‘ghosts’ and premises that were left unoccupied for some time over the course of their history will have ‘specters’ and/or ghosts haunting them.

Helping these beings by setting up an energetic safe-space for them before inviting them to go into the Light is very effective in clearing haunted premises.

Medical Intuitive Readings and Spiritual Guidance

A Medical Intuitive is someone who is able to see past ordinary reality and read energy patterns in the body and translate them through images flashed into their visual cortex.  These images translate in a meaningful narrative.  The client is first read energetically to see where the energy blocks and history of the issues lie and to get a read on what treatment is necessary.  This initial scan means that each session is tailored to each client’s specific needs at that time.  These images can give information about anything physically inside the body from organs, cells, bones, blood, energy body to prosthetic implants, etc., or about stored memories encoded into the cellular network.  Any issues coming up from the information can be asked about and information is channeled from angel guides, giving advice on how to manage or resolve the situation.

Treatment itself aims to get the client to a ‘clean slate’, by cutting ties, clearing blockages and old contracts, extracting beings or thought forms and cleansing the energy body, followed by energetically aligning the client with their path using energy techniques.  The client will have energy blocks and intrusions removed, have specific energy treatments tailored to their needs performed and soul parts returned.  Working with my helping spirits, I gather information on the form of guidance are necessary and what building blocks are required to build on that ‘clean slate’ to achieve the highest form of spiritual development.  This will include channeled advice on how to continue healing the body long after the treatment session has ended, for example, through diet, crystals, working with the geography of energies in the client’s home or life, mantras or a shift in consciousness in an approach to life.