Shamanic Energy Work for ACTORS in Challenging Roles

Is Your Acting Role Demanding Experiences of You that You Do Not Have?

Let Shamanic Energy Healing Work help you to forge a new acting method that is proven to be profound, highly effective and moving.


This exciting new course is for actors facing extremely difficult or challenging roles.  Learn how to safely, and with compassion, ‘step into’ the living energy needed for your role.

Often, when trauma is unresolved before death, a spirit can become earthbound because they feel they have ‘unfinished business’ or their suffering went unheard and they did not have a ‘voice’.  Giving voice for these spirits can result in them finding relief from their suffering and a desire to ‘move on’ and go home to the Light.  Helping the dead into the Light is a big part of shamanic practice.

This course gently teaches actors how to safely, and with compassion, give a voice to those suffering spirits, so they can go home to the Light.  In a safe and gentle way, earthbound spirits with exactly the same trauma as your character are invited to come forward and share their energy with the actor.  The actor steps into the trauma experienced by the multiple earthbound spirits and then acts their lines from that perspective, giving a sensory and true-to-life performance from that space.

The work is done with precautions and safety measures to protect the actor from possession illness and to ensure the spirits get to go home to the Light after they have had their voice heard and the shoot ends.

Especially beneficial for actors with little or no experience of significant trauma.

No shamanic experience or psychic ability necessary.

Where: Los Angeles, CA

When: November 2016