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Margaret, on Sept 19, 2016, said:

“The energy work I have learned to do with Suzanne has been a crucial element not only in my life, but also in my process as an actor. It has enabled me to fill in gaps in my technical training and helped me gain greater freedom of expression and knowledge of my body-mind. As an actor, I need to be able to access as much of my instrument and my energy as possible to utilize them to bring my characters to life and live them through my person, to let the character’s experiences resonate through my body, voice, spirit, heart and mind. That gets tricky when there are energy blocks that feel like they are getting in the way. I’ve approached the dismantling of these blocks via many paths. None have brought me greater results than this work. I’m very grateful: it has been empowering, liberating and joyful. I am excited and at times astounded by the work I am doing now. I am able to bring greater depth and share my humanity on a much more personal level, and to know and trust my own gifts and abilities as a person and actor.”

New York City

Laure P. on 6/13/16 said:

“I have had the privilege of working with Suzanne over the last year, and I can safely say that it has been one of the great blessings of my life.
She has guided me in reclaiming self love, healing childhood wounds and standing firmly in my boots no matter the circumstances. I had been doing all kinds of therapy for 15 years, and while I don’t regret it as it prepared me for the work, I have never grown so fast or so well than during this past year. Suzanne’s work is profound and life altering, and she shares it with total humility and selflessness. Her perceptions are incredibly specific and yet her sense of identity is not entangled with that fact, which is a rarity.  Working with her is the most precious gift you could give to yourself: she is compassionate and supportive to a fault and if she sometimes kicks your ass, she does it with her heart in her hand and always for your greater good. While being there for you every step of the way, she will strive to make you independent : if you are willing to do the work, you will end up being able to heal yourself without her help, and that in itself is the best testimony of her dedication to the work and to her clients. As I continue on my path, I am beyond grateful for having had her support and guidance on this particularly bumpy stretch of road. I cannot recommend her enough, she will be your best asset in transforming your life.”

Astoria, NYC

Sarita G. on 2/18/16 said:

“Suzanne is like a Master Shaman, a very powerful Energy healer who works directly with the Archangels and brings in healing that regularly good Shamans can’t. She is very knowledgeable about Energy and the Other worlds. She is the one to go to if you have had 3 or more Shamanic Energy healing and still need lot of healing. She is the best I have worked with and I have worked with many.”

Bellevue, WA

Kristen, NYC, on 10/16/15 said:

“Suzanne, thank you for changing my life. That short amount of time we did so much work, and you moved me through levels that I could only touch in my dreams. I wanted to do what you did, to obtain that power of being a healer, but you carefully and gently guided me though understanding of what healing meant and how to heal myself first. I thoroughly admired you, and I wanted to be able to get to that level right away. I will say, after learning so much and reflecting on that time we had together, you had brought such a rich quality of purity into my existence that will never be forgotten. You were absolutely right, I was not ready. I’m still not ready, but you are a true healer and I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how very amazing you are. I had discovered many Lightworkers on the Path, everyone was different.. but I could go on for hours on how much you have impacted me and shown me things that many would not have taken the time to show me. You dedicated such a huge amount to me, and I am forever grateful. I have thought about you many times since we parted, and I sent you and your family light and love frequently. I would love to maybe one day train with you if the opportunity presents itself because you are truly someone who guides with the most loving intentions. Anyone that sees you must be ready to walk into an Angels Arms.”

Kristen, New York

“Suzanne’s strong, intelligent, empathetic personality and tremendous power serve as a basis for her very effective and successful work. In four intensive long distance sessions she has set me free from heavy possessions. The act of depossessioning is difficult and dangerous work. She pays great attention to safety. Suzanne is a master craftswoman. To trust her, takes the fear and horror. She is very responsible, treats you very individually, explains everything, fulfills your wishes and takes you and your problems seriously. She is there for you in case of emergency and even in the after-treatment. It comes from her heart. Suzanne is not only a brave healer, seer, but she is also a teacher. Her work has and will have a strong holistic effect on all of my physical, mental and intellectual personality levels and further development.

The most important thing I’ve learned from her in these difficult days is to really feel compassion for the lost beings who were in my body. It eased a bit the pain of these beings and for this reason toned down also my own agony. She took away the feeling of helplessness. Along the way she provided healing for my deceased and some of my living family members as well as for my family house. In addition she gave advice for my life purpose. Suzanne made me aware of the new chances in life. It is just indescribable what it means for the past, present and future of my family. Suzanne seems to me like an archangel. I thank her and all of her helpers, which are so present and loving. I’m stronger now.”

Anne K., Berlin, Germany/ Warsaw, Poland

“Your work has had such a huge impact on my life and I don’t know who else could have helped me the way you have and I know you have helped so many others in the same way. <3 <3 <3″

Katie S., NYC

“I just want the world to know how Suzanne has changed my life forever. Using her gifts and abilities she has given me back my life. She really is an angel on earth and every day I thank God for her. She is an honest and humble human being that really helps people. Upon speaking to her over the phone I felt her kind heart, and knew that she would help me. I had a lot of wrong done to me and she removed all the negative energy that had controlled my life for so long. I say this with an honest and true heart,if you are seeking spiritual help she is the person that you need to see. I have my life back because of this beautiful human being and will be forever thankful to her.”

Roni, New York City

Becky, on 25 March, 2013, said:

“Hi Suzanne,

First I want to express my sincerest thanks to you for doing what you do and for doing it so well and so compassionately. Your abilities are phenomenal in every sense of the word. I had full confidence in your abilities before I came in but what you did for me on Friday was beyond my expectations. It was as if finally my life makes sense. You gave me answers I’ve been seeking and the insights into my life patterns were beyond enlightening.

It was as if I’ve been gathering pieces of a jigsaw puzzle over the last 20 years and you put it all together for me in a way I could never do in my own.I feel relaxed about my life, the anxiety has waned and I can just breathe a little easier. Your gift of insight and understanding is priceless.I am excited to continue working with you on wound healing. You’ve helped me so tremendously and I am grateful.Thanks so much for doing what you do.

“I moved to NYC end of 2010 expecting a smooth transition from my life in San Francisco. I came here with a job, money in the bank, friends in the city and family close by. I’ve been visiting NYC for years on personal and business trips. I knew & expected it to be an adventure of a lifetime!  Everything about this city is thrilling. The energy, the diversity, the vibrancy, the people, the culture. But it doesn’t slow down for anyone. And it’s not going to give you a big hug and tell you everything is going to be all right as you’re trying to cope with 60-70 hour work weeks, an expanding waistline, zero love life, and wondering “what just happened?”

“Enter Suzanne Connolly. She is an amazing medical intuitive and shaman. After my 14 years in SF and 4 in Marin County- she is my people! She helped me to understand why I am having such a hard time living in this gritty urban jungle. We talked about how to integrate into my life the things that will help balance me.

“While a therapist keeps it above the neck – all  that is in your head – Suzanne digs deep into your soul. What is going on in your soul is the foundation for everything else that is going on in your heart and your head. Start with the soul. It will never let you down…and neither will Suzanne.”

Muir P., New York City

“I had two sessions with Suzanne and it was incredibly enlightening.  The first session focused on my health and well-being, Suzanne could “see” clearly the problem areas in my body, advised me I had to change my diet, why and how, and some supplements to take. And it is working.  The second session focused on reading someone close to me who is far away. Suzanne could “read” him and see and describe details of his past, traumas in his life and how they were still impacting him, and then gave me loads of advice on how to help him. Again, very specific information in the reading and on what to do, how to do it and why. I would recommend Suzanne for anyone with health/energy issues or anyone in need of healing.”

Helen, New York City

“Suzanne is supremely talented.  She has the unique ability to scan one’s body and tell you what is going on inside –  not only physically but energetically, emotionally and spiritually.  She also can pick up on the vibrations and energies of those around you – including the paranormal.  She is gifted with her abilities and, almost to a fault, quite humble about it!  I feel blessed and honored to have met her.  Upon making her acquaintance, you too will feel the same way.”

Pardis Pardow, Intuitive Healer and Advisor, Past Life Regressionist, Oracle Card Reader, Reiki Practitioner

“Sometime in October 2009 when I was working abroad I bumped into a wonderful person. This chance meeting was to change my life!  I was going through a long term rough spell in my personal and professional life and was feeling very lost and ‘disconnected’.  My concentration and productivity was an issue, thus stress was high. Shortly after meeting Suzanne, she asked me why was I so sad. I cried in relief as she fluently told me what she thought was going on in my life. She was extremely accurate. I was so relieved that I was not on my own.  What Suzanne did for me is profound and difficult to describe. She somehow pinched that very sore point in me and made me register the pain, realise it and want to heal it. She did more…she was prescriptive in how to fix it.  Down to fine detail, she talked me through the motions of healing. From that moment of understanding, I began climbing a steep learning curve in a facet of life that I barely knew existed before now, which ironically is evolving into one of the most ‘real’ parts of my life. I feel that this healing ‘reconnecting’ process is answering so many enigmatic questions about my life, stuff that before now I could not even put words on. I feel that I am tapping into a new more energetic energy and that is having a deeply wonderful influence on my life as a whole.”

Deirdre, Dublin, Ireland

“I had some events in my life which had a profound effect on me and that I had trouble getting past.  I booked a session with Suzanne and what followed was an hour of intense emotion. I believe it was her sensitivity that allowed her to guide me though the deepest parts of my experience in a safe way. It allowed me to feel released. It goes far deeper than words and it was a profound yet simple experience.”

Greg, New York City

“I saw Susan in July 2012 and have felt a tremendous shift in myself ever since. It was not immediately evident to me what this meant or the kind of inner changes that occurred until I noticed that certain people and events did not bother or cause me pain as they had before. There were people in my life that previously made me feel nervous or upset when I was around them. I felt like I had to apologize for nothing in particular, before I had my session with Susan. It’s not that I’m an apologetic person, but there was a definite feeling or set of feelings that I carried around in me that had a lot of weight attached to them. Our session was intense, but worthwhile and lovely in so many ways. I am still in awe of her work and look forward to another session. The only downside for me, is that with the release of this energy, I am much stronger and possibly, and still adjusting to my new strength. I am able to be angry without feeling bad or negative about it. It’s a fantastic change and unbelievable. Thank you, Susan!”

“Suzanne you’re a shining light, you’re an inspiration, an angel. Thank you for giving me your time this evening. You told me things about myself I’ve been trying for years to put into words, but couldn’t. Tonight will, I know, change me forever. I already feel stronger. I now feel excited about my future. I am of myself and will be from this moment on.  Thank you a gazillion trillion.”

Joyce, Dublin, Ireland

Space Clearing Testimonials

“I took over a bar almost a year ago and from the start something wasn’t right. Anyone who is reading this will understand what “something wasn’t right” means.

Computers went down every single day and its a new system.
The bar itself wasn’t busy. You just didn’t have a good feeling.
One day my bartender told me that shot glasses keep getting knocked off the bar when doing clean up at night. I gave out and told him stop drinking shots.
The guinness never poured properly, it was simply flat all the time.
The tiny bathroom upstairs, none of my staff felt comfortable in there. They really did hate it.
Look i’m going to go on and on but a friend of mine had mentioned Suzanne and the work she does. I called her up told about the place and the overall sense of bad feeling and incompleteness to the place.
She came in and walked around and told me a few facinating facts.
A year on the place is busier than ever. Computers are perfect, Guinness is like mothers milk.

If anyone reading this wants to discuss what she did then my number is 913-461-5406 and i will give you the full weird and often unbelievable and somewhat amusing story.

I have complete trust in what Suzanne does and would gladly talk to anyone who has doubts.


Damien on  said:

Damien, Manager, 200 Orchard, Lower East Side, NYC

“My name is Damien. I am involved in a bar In the lower east side called 200 Orchard. Staff members would come to me and my business partners saying that they saw shadows in certain parts of the bar, brooms being slammed across the bar floor, doors knocking and a dark heavy feeling at certain parts of the bar at certain times. Some staff didn’t like being here alone. One night while standing behind the bar I heard the knocking and seen shadows myself, then another occasion the broom being slammed across the floor. It was impossible for the broom to fall by itself where it was situated in the bar. I contacted Suzanne and asked her could she help me with the unusual occurrences.
The first session happened early in the day when the bar was empty and lasted about 3 hrs. When Suzanne was done it was clear we needed to do more work but you could clearly feel things had changed. Before Suzanne came back to do the second session, staff had come and said to me that it was noticeably brighter and more comfortable within the bar, not knowing the work that Suzanne had done. After the end of the second session you could feel an unexplainable weight lifted off the whole bar.
Since Suzanne has done the work there are remarkable changes with the bar; much more positive energy, lighter feeling, not one of the staff has come to me since the work has been done even though I have asked from time to time have you noticed any activity like before and the answer has always been “no”.
The main benefits of having the work done at the bar is it’s a more positive atmosphere, people are staying longer, it is over all just a brighter more comfortable place to be now.
I would say to any bar owner thinking of getting this work done is do not hesitate, do it, for it has done amazing things for us regarding a higher level of positivity and more energy and atmosphere within the bar.”