Workshop Intensive in Shamanic Healing – Sept 13-14, 2014


Workshop Intensive Sept 13-14, 2014

The next Workshop Intensive in Shamanic Healing will take place on Saturday and Sunday, 13-14 September, 2014, with places extremely limited (8 participants only).  Booking early is highly recommended.

The course will happen over two days, and will cover Shamanic journeying, an introduction to your spirit helpers, Addressing the Blocks that prevent wellness, and Techniques to Advance your Growth, including tracking (reading) energy and tools for transformation.

The weekend intensive is aimed at beginners interested in shamanism, those already on a personal spiritual path, those with more advanced practices in a range of disciplines, including hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, massage, all types of energy work, and those who are trained to an advanced level in shamanism.
If you are joining us please bring a small clear quartz crystal with you (not smaller than 3″ x 2″) for programming.  If you already have a crystal waiting room, please bring it with you for clearing.  Please also bring a rattle if you have one.  Rattles will be provided for those who do not have one.
I hope you can join us. Classes will be very limited to facilitate some personal healing work and tailored teaching, and cost $350 each for the weekend.  Checks in advance secure your place.
Please read below for more information on the course and on how to apply.
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Beginner’s Workshop Intensive in Shamanic Healing

September 13-14, 2014, 12 noon – 6pm

Orchard Street, Lower East Side, New York, NY 10002


mail @ suzanne-connolly . com

This weekend’s intensive course for beginners and advanced practitioners will teach you: how to clear blocks in the energy system that prevent thriving wellness, how to work with energy, and how to communicate effectively with your personal helping spirits through the ancient art of Shamanic Journeying. Additionally, this course will provide the fundamental requirements for personal self-healing, appealing to individuals looking for potent ways to self-heal and therapists looking for a wider scope in their approach to their clients. It will also appeal to advanced shamanic practitioners and teachers. Although this workshop will be mostly lecture based, some personal healing will occur in the workshop as we advance through the work.


Why This Course?

At this pivotal time in our evolution as a species we are very aware of the need to clear our wounds and other blocks that prevent us from healing. Clearing blocks helps us to connect deeply with our True Selves and our spiritual path, which is a potent force for change in our lives because it makes us to do our own personal growth ‘work’, but it also helps us to fulfill our Soul Contract, which brings satisfaction, well-being and purpose.

Spiritual growth is similar to personal growth in that it clears the blocks that prevent happiness, but it has a profound difference: spiritual growth connects the seeker with the Divine and that difference speeds the process of personal growth considerably.  Inter-connection with the Divine is paramount to the success of the work in shamanic healing.

This course will address the obstacles that prevent healing and provide a solid, basic training in Shamanic Journeying, which facilitates communication with, and guidance from, the Divine.


Areas Covered by the Course

There are three main, key skills for self-transformation in Shamanic healing.  These are:

– Tracking and Clearing Blocks in the energy system

– Communication with a Higher Power/Divine

– Mental Discipline

Tracking skills, finding out what energies in the body’s energy system are creating blocks and clearing them to bring wholeness, healing and happiness, will be taught in the 3-month course, but will be introduced in this weekend workshop.  There are 10 main types of blocks common to the energy system. The most common is psychological trauma. This course will teach you potent skills to clear psychological trauma in a fraction of the time that psychotherapy takes.

Shamanic Journeying is the ancient art of connecting with the Divine and the Helping Spirits in order to provide direct revelation in one’s life.  This will be a fundamental part of the course, as well as a key part of the personal and spiritual growth taught in this weekend’s intensive.  No belief in any one ‘God’ is necessary.  This skill is taught at beginner’s level in this course.

Mental discipline ensures and enhances conscious control over the mind; it enables us to control the mind, not the other way around.  Mental discipline and mindfulness, and their importance, will be discussed at beginner level in this course.  More in-depth and practical skills on these topics will be taught in the 3-month course.

This 2-day intensive course will address all of these transformative skills, helping each participant to realize their path toward their spiritual goals.  The class will be selectively small, maximum 8 people, to facilitate more integrative and personally tailored work.


Application and Fees

Applicants are invited to reply by email and give their contact details, why they are interested in this course, and what they hope to gain from the teaching.  Emails can be directed to: mail @ suzanne-connolly . com

Fees for the full weekend intensive are $350, payable in advance by check. Places are secured once payment is made in full.  Early booking is advised.



Saturday 13 Sept, 2014: 11.30am Registration, 12 noon start – 6pm

Sunday 14 Sept, 2014: 12 noon start – 6pm